Do you have broken or damaged jewellery that you can no longer wear or you feel is out-of-date looking and could do with a much needed overhaul? Repurposing and upcycling your jewellery is a day to day occurrence here in the workshop and is such a satisfying venture seeing old jewellery remodelled into a new spectacular piece that is filled with sentiment and can be worn and loved for generations to come. 

Because gold is a metal that is highly malleable, it can be easily melted down regardless of what carat metal you have and repurposed  into a new piece of jewellery that you will fall in love with all over again!

The process is simple - starting with a free instore consultation, we ask you to bring in all of the existing jewellery you have, whether it be broken items or existing pieces that you would like to contribute to the making of the new piece, as well as any stones, including diamonds or other gemstones that can be salvageable. We will weigh what raw materials you have, keeping in mind the more raw materials you are providing will help cover any raw materials cost, with labour production costs being quoted to you at time of your consultation. 

Then the fun begins! Along with Geoff's creative license and your vision for your new piece, a design will be underway. (If you have any references or imagery of what you love in a design, the consultation is a great time to bring it by). Throughout the process from concept through to finished piece we'll work closely with you to ensure you are completely happy and your special piece is tracking in the right direction. 

You can rest assured your items are in safe, caring hands, where work is carried out on-site in our fully serviced work shop with 40+ years passion and experience.

We look forward to being apart of your remodelling journey and transforming your old jewellery into beautiful new creations with a new lease of life!